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Our Philosophy
Our educational philosophy is based on our knowledge of how children develop and learn. We strive to create safe, nurturing, child-centered environments that are age-appropriate for children eight weeks to five years old. We are concerned with all aspects of a child’s development – emotional, social, physical, cognitive, creative and aesthetic. Respect for individual needs and the development of self-esteem in each child is fostered. We support and work with parents as the primary caregivers of their children.

Our curriculum reflects the mission of the YWCA which encourages familiarity with, and respect for all cultures. Enrichment activities such as music, nature and fitness, and participation in other classes at the YWCA (swimming and gymnastics) are incorporated into the Children’s Learning Center Full Day program.

Our Programs
Our Programs reflect our educational philosophy. We work to create an environment in which young children learn through play and exploration of a variety of materials. Interactions with other children and adults foster language and social development. Play materials are selected which are age-appropriate and which promote problem solving and creativity. Outdoor play is valued as an important part of a child’s daily activities. The Center, situated in a wing of the YWCA Activities Building, offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for children. The YWCA Children’s Learning Center is a non-profit child care center licensed by the New York State Office for Children and Family Services.

The Full Day Child Care Program at the Children’s Learning Center operates 50 weeks per year, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Early morning drop-off is available at 7:30 am for an additional daily fee.

The fee schedule is based on the age of the child. $60 child membership is required. For more information and a tour of the center, contact Carol Robinson, Associate Director.

Note: All program deposits are non-refundable. Tuition paid in advance for YWCA programs is not refundable.

Application Form. Complete and submit this form to the Full Day Program Office at the Center.

Parents Committee - Parents play an active role at the YWCA Children’s Learning Center organizing activities and events that benefit our children, teachers and parents. Submit your email if you wish to receive parent committee notices and updates.

Current Openings as of 8/7/11: Infant spaces available.
In addition, we encourage parents to submit your application (see link above) for our wait list for our other classes.

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