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Swim Class Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be a member?   Yes. Member ship is $60/year and allows the child to register for other programs at the YWCA.

How do I register for classes? Complete the necessary registration forms and submit them to the front desk in person for priority registration, or by fax or mail.

How do I know if there is space in the class I want? Call (914) 949-6227 x 152 for a voice mail update of closed-out classes. This list will only be accurate as of the time stated on the voice mail.  The best option is to come in person, check and register for the class you wish at the same time.

How do I know which level is right for my child? If your child is 5 and under, he or she belongs in preschool swim classes (Weefish/Clownfish/Angelfish/Goldfish).  If your child is 6 and over, he or she belongs in Red Cross level classes. You may refer to the skills lists in the catalog and on the aquatic bulletin board, call ext. 152 , or bring your child in for a swim evaluation during any open or family swim time.

What do I need for swim class? Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers under their suit.  All other children may wear bathing suits.  Swim caps are not required but are recommended.  Goggles and caps are available for purchase at the pool office. Don’t forget your towel and flip flops!

Where do we change?  Women and girls ONLY in the women’s locker room. Boys over the age of 1 year and children accompanied by parents of the opposite sex must use the family locker room

What if my child is resistant?   Our staff is extremely experienced and ready to assist both you and your child with these challenges.  We suggest setting the time aside as “swim time” and consistently encouraging the child to observe the class at the water’s edge.  We will work to build a trusting instructor/student relationship that supports overcoming fears. Reluctance to enter the water is not grounds for a credit/refund.

My child will be absent for a couple of classes. Can I make them up?  Sorry, due to the importance of maintaining the instructor/student ratio, there are no make-ups in the preschool or levels swim program.

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