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SPECIAL CLASSES (note, not all classes are offered each session)

> YWCA ACATS  Aquatic Community Assistance Trainees
Apply for a position in this mentor - mentee based summer internship program for young men and women aged 13-15 who like to swim and are interested in exploring diverse aspects of the aquatic community including instruction and safety skills.
> Lifeguard Training
The American Red Cross lifeguard certification is internationally recognized.  Candidates must pass a 300yd swim test to qualify for class. Non-refundable pre-test fee will hold your class spot. Participants must be at least 15 years of age.
> USWFA - Aquatic Fitness Instructor Training
Enter a fun and challenging profession, enhance your current fitness instructor credentials, or simply learn how to plan your own aquatic workouts in this 1-day certification class offered in conjunction with the United States Water Fitness Association. Contact the Aquatic Director at ext. 110 or www.uswfa.com for registration information.
> Scuba
Please contact the Aquatic Director for information on scuba classes. A minimum of four (4) enrollees is required to run the scuba classes.  Fees include materials. Open water dives are not included. Internationally valid NAUI certification.
> Sailing
Learn to sail with the Society for the Education of American Sailors. Course covers sailing terms, points of sail and sail trim, rigging, launching, mooring, docking, rules of the road and general boat safety and more. Gain 16 hours of hands-on water experience. Graduates receive American Red Cross Basic Sailing Certificate.
> Synchronized Swimming I & II
Explore an Olympic sport know for its challenge and beauty. Learn basic skills, patterns and routines or get personalized synchro coaching. For more information contact the aquatics office.
> Water Safety Instructor Certification
This American Red Cross Course is a nationally recognized instructor certification in high demand. Designed for persons 16 years and older who are interested in teaching swimming and water safety skills to persons of all ages.
Introduction to Water Polo
Learn the basics of competitive water polo. This sport offers great fun while challenging swim skills and coordination.


> Wee Splash (6-18 mos.)
Parent or caregiver in water. Physician's permission and parental consent required at registration. Start water exploration at an early age. Build foundation water safety and swimming skills through song and fun activities.
>Wee Splash Too! (18 mos. and up)
Parent or caregiver in the water. As motor and cognitive skills increase, toddlers are able to explore the basics of swimming and water safety while taking steps toward independence. Song and games are a great way to initiate the swimming experience
> Los Pececitos (The Little Fish)
(6 mos. and up)
This parent-tot, bilingual Spanish/English class uses traditional Latin songs and games and skill-building activities to introduce the swimming basics in a multicultural, happy and playful atmosphere. Physicianís permission and parental consent required at registration.
Ahora la natacion es una experienca multicultural. Esta nueva clase bilingue en espanol e ingles utilizara canciones y juegos latinos para desrollar las habilidades del menor en el agua de una manera placentera.


> Wee Splash and Wee Splash Too! (6mos and up)
Parent or caregiver in water. Start water exploration at an early age. Water safety and swimming skills taught through song and fun activities.
> Wee Fish  (ages 3 - 5)
To encourage gentle transition between parent-tot and independent classes, or for the little ones who are not quite ready to let go. Child's membership is required. The session begins with parents, children and instructor in the water practicing water exploration skills. The session ends with parents out of the water as children continue their exploration independently with the instructor.
> Aqua Kids our Lilí Fish (ages 3-5)
Young children gain confidence by themselves in the water by standing on a pool platform while practicing water safety and swimming skills. Parents needing help placing their children in the appropriate level can call any of the following: Pool ext. 152, Head Instructor at ext. 190, Aquatic Director at ext. 110, or, bring your child to the pool during any open swim time for an evaluation.
Our experienced staff make every effort to gently encourage children to participate.
Clownfish: (No swimming ability)
Water exploration, bubble blowing, kicking, submersions, and basic swimming skills
(Floating ability with little or no locomotion) Basic swimming skills, breathing skills, water entries, and safety skills.
Goldfish: (Some swimming skills)
Front and backstroke, diving, and a continuation of safety skills.

> Youth Swim Class (ages 6 and up)
Certified instructors teach American Red Cross progressive skill levels. Please note that the levels content has changed. Those formerly in Level 6 and 7 should be placed in Levels, 5, 6 or 6L. For help placing your child in the appropriate level, call ext. 152, ext. 190, or ext. 110.

Level 1: Primary Skills
Beginners are introduced to basic skills including floating, bubble blowing, and elementary swimming on the front and back.
Level 2: Stroke Readiness
Those comfortable in the water start with the building blocks: freestyle, backstroke, endurance, deep water orientation, treading water, side movement, simultaneous and alternate leg action.
Level 3: Stroke Development
All level 3 and above classes are taught entirely in the deep end. Rhythmic breathing enhances the freestyle and the backstroke. The butterfly is introduced. Swimmers begin diving from sitting and kneeling positions.
Level 4: Stroke Refinement
Swimmers are further challenged by the butterfly, the breaststroke and the elementary backstroke. The sidestroke scissors kick is developed. Advanced skills include open turns, surface dives and underwater swimming.
Level 5: Skill Proficiency
Swimmerís dives and front and back flip turns offer new challenges as swimmers continue to refine their strokes and increase their endurance.
Level 6: Swim for Life
This level focuses on increasing endurance and technique refinement, and introduces some elements of competitive swimming into a variety of swim workouts. This course is excellent for the swimmer who wants more of a distance challenge.
Level 6L: Lifeguard Readiness
Swim workouts increase strength and endurance, while lifeguarding skills are introduced.  This course builds excellent water safety skills. It is wonderful for young people who are interested in what lifeguards do.

> Sisters & Brothers
 This program is unique in that it enables children in the same family between the ages of 3 and 10 to have lessons at the same time. Sisters and Brothers may not adequately accommodate swimmers who are level 5 or higher. Unless otherwise noted, 3 to 5 year-olds have a 30-minute lesson while 6 and up have a 40-minute lesson.

> Swim Team Prep
This class is a stepping-stone to any Swim Team. Swimmers work on all competitive strokes, starts and turns. Pre-requisite: Registration is contingent upon approval of course instructor, Dennis Flores. Contact Dennis Flores at ext. 190, or the pool office, ext. 152. Those who register for more than one Swim Team Prep Class receive $25 off the 2nd and 3rd classes.


> Adult Learn to Swim (ages 16+)
Itís never too late to learn to swim! Terrified? Curious? Confident?
Instructors work with adults at all levels to accomplish individual goals.
> Scuba
For questions regarding the SCUBA program call Aquatic Director, ext. 110.

Water Exercise
Buoyancy supports joints; the water resistance enhances strength and endurance while massaging muscle tissues. Classes for those who want athletic challenges AND those just starting on a fitness regime. WARNING: These exhilarating workouts are addictive!
> Aqua Flex (Beginner to Advanced)
This class combines deep and shallow water exercises, music and fun to create a great workout. When working in the deep water, flotation devices are used.
> Deep Water Running
Strengthening movements with resistance equipment are combined with jogging, skiing and cycling in the water for a super workout. Flotation devices used for deep water exercises.

> Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP)
Specially designed recreational exercise that provides an opportunity for persons with arthritis to have fun and to meet others who also have arthritis. It is not necessary to know how to swim.

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